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Happy Easter!

What a week! the hits to the site have been amazing by virtue of the fact that it’s been linked to from all over the place. People like free stuff.

I’ve spent the afternoon making Easter pressies, which in my head last night were like this (via karin) but with an appliqué chick or bunny on them. After a failed attempt at shaping the curved top I ended up going for a more paper bag style. I sketched out the chick and bunny until I had them the way I wante, took them to photoshop, cleaned them up, reduced them down and sat down to cut out ten little animals! lunch

Then disaster.

Every pair of little pointy scissors in the house are blunt.

So I hemmed and hawed wondering what to do, considering hand painting them on, freezer paper stencils and even embroidering (in half a day!!).   Deciding no more inspiration was to be had without food, I made lunch.

I decided to look at the screen printing materials I had which have been kind of neglected for a long time but trying desperately to get into my head for a resurgence.

Forunatley I had screen filler and a little space on an old screen. So I sat down and carefully made the screens, of course the first test made me remember more not less is the rule with screen filler, but after a touch up I hit the ground running.

egg cosiesMuch printing was done, much mess was made and much splashing happened when cleaning up but the results definitely made me smile.

There are nine of these little guys with a bunny on the back and a chick on the front, they cover a cadbury egg and a ceramic egg cup.  They are printed onto linen with heidleberg screen inks and lined with the star fabric they are sitting on.

I had a great time making these and I really can’t wait tobuy more screens and print some new things!

I hope everyone has a happy and safe Easter!

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