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I love Friend¬†Friday over on twitter and of course bloggers have been doing the same sort of thing for years. I’d like to share with you some of the posts that caught my eye though the feeds this week.

Magazine steals recipe from blogger and says you should be happy we did it! Undoubtedly this weeks biggest scandal in the food blogging world, online and print magazine Cooksource shows how not to make friends and influence people. Of course internet justice is swift and snarky.

I Do like green eggs and ham! Fantastic DR Seuess themed dessert table by kelly of paper stories and featured on Amy atlas events. I know there is a dessert table in my future!

Baking Bites Ad Hoc Choc Chip Cookies Oh these sound so delicious! I can not wait to make them!

Still Life Style gave some hints on how to create textured backgrounds.

And still on the photography theme Sweet Apolita shares her tips for better food photography.

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