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Welcome to 2009

Good Morning my friends!

Well the skies may be grey here in Melbourne on the first day of 2009 but new years eve was clear and crisp and cleared our heads for the intentions we have for ourselves for 2009.

I returned from our break down the beach revitalised and inspired and reading the posts of my fellow bloggers about their intentions for 2009 has further inspired me to document and share mine with you.

2009’s Theme Word

Leah posted her word for the year and linked to the idea from Christine Kane. Instead of resolutions choose a word or words that will inspire you for the next 12 months.

My word for 2009 is CREATE here are some of the ways I am hoping to manifest this;

  • Create a community and network of  wonderful friends.
  • Create a business.
  • Create a home with my beloved R.
  • Create a healthier me through new life practises.
  • Create Every Day!

I could of course drill these down to specific tasks but for today I’m going to keep them in big picture status. Keep an eye out over the next few months as I detail the ways I am manifesting my intentions.

Roz’s Ritual

Now I’m sure you all know that I am a fan of Roz Stendahl, her no nonsense approach to art and journaling is an inspiration and her tips and advice about art supplies are extremely valuable.

Yesterday Roz posted about a ritual that she follows every New years day. Based on a discussion with a friend Roz endeavours to do a little bit of everything she loves on New years day with the hope that she will be able to maintain the presence of those things in her life through out the year.

I’m going to expand on that a little and do not only the things I love but the things I intend for my year as well.

What’s your ritual?

So what’s your ritual for the new year? How does your day unfold? do you journal your resolutions and intentions or do you meditate and set the past year free? I’d love to hear how you bring in the new year so please leave me a comment and let our community know how you are intending to bring in the new year.

Have a great 2009! Talk to you all tomorrow!


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Some Goals for 2007

Dr Sketchy’s 2007 bWell I’m not huge about resolutions but it never hurts to set some goals.

1. Increase my online presence and decrease my online time wasting.
What I mean by this is to take the time to comment on blogs of people who’s work I admire, prune out blogs who  post lots of negativity and actually use the internet as a tool to promote myself and my work.

I’ll increase my online presence by Setting up an etsy shop and maybe setting up a website if I think it’s a worthwhile addition to Flickr, Esty & The blog. I’m going to make it my goal to post at least once a week with progress on projects and completed projects.

I need to not get distracted by random clicking, facebook updating, unnecessary random research etc.

2. Go to Life drawing twice a month.
Either dr Sketchy’s or just standard drawing but actually make an effort to go every two week, I almost always produce work I am happy with at life drawing and it really does improve my art.

3. Learn to use the Loom I was given over christmas
I hate the thought of this gorgeous piece of machinery just sitting here taking up space. So it’s is off to some weaving courses with me and I hope to have a scarf completed for R. by his birthday!

4. Keep art supplies organised
I have made huge inroads in this area this year thanks to R’s help but there is still a ways to go before the studio is a functional utopia. I have a pile of large sized papers that are very hard to see, remember and use so I’m going to create a swatch book and  catalogue which cays what they are, how many pieces I have, what projects I have used them for etc.

5. Produce more art
The goal is one completed original a week, whether it is a print, a painting, a book, or a piece of pottery I would like to have a completed project to show once a week.

I think these goals are very general but there are a lot of specific tasks and things that can go on a list that I think I will go write on paper in my studio and tack to the wall.  Maybe I’ll take a photo of it later.

I hope everyone is able to make headway with their goals this year and has fantastic creative 2008’s!

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