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The Studio clean up

Studio before – untidy

My Studio often becomes quite a disaster area. Partially because it is the first room you enter, partially because it’s just not that inviting so i tend to drag most of what ‘m working on into the lounge where there is better natural light and the company of the computer and the tv.
Studio After – Tidy

As you can see, when it is tidy it’s a much more inviting space
R. Put up great shelves to hold a lot of my bits and peices that I like to have handy.
Studio Before – Untidy 2

my other corner, all buried in things
Studio After- Tidy

Now you can actually see me printing Press that R made me. My tool board, they live on top of the sewing machine cabinet, the trolley next to the press with scrap paper, printmaking supplies and more bits and peices.
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I’m the distractable type, I’m the first to admit it. I like trying new things and techniques with art.  I fiddle, I faddle, and i have fun.

And sometimes, i think that maybe there should be something more.

Recently I’ve signed up for a few swaps and  begun organising the local sketchcrawl. I’m a good organiser, after all it’s what i do for a living, and I enjoy it. Being involved in these things has put me in touch with a lot of people who DO things with their art.

If I’m going to do something i need to focus on what I am good at. My most marketable skill is definitly bookbinding, and i love makeing books that people want to use. I’d like to push this kind of thing towards the art side of things and so i’d like to combine bookbinding with sketching to create small limited edition art books.

Lisa Call inspired me to put my goals down, not as big amorphous intangible things, but as short “sprints” that I can acheive in a month, using the scrum methiod to breakdown my goals into tasks and move forward.

So tonight I’ve cleaned my studio,  and sat down to think about these goals and the tasks I need to perform to move forward.

I hope you all stay tuned to see what eventuates.

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I was going to start this post with not much craft going on around here but actually there kind of has been a fair bit going on! Not all crafty but craft related!

Progress on R’s toe warmer is going along at a nice rate now it’s getting chilly, it’s just over a foot wide, and R quite happily used it as a belly blanket last night while watching the new Doctor Who.

I decided that the kitchen was boring and drab, and since R and I are eating in there now I thought it needed a bit of a spruce up.

So I hung two of my tim biskup’s on the walls, cleaned the crappy magnetic poetry off the fridge, and made a placemat for on top of the microwave and a pretty pink cover for my oddments shelf. (they match the pink gingham bag bag I made the other day!)

I’ve got a bit of a pink theme going in the kitchen, which is funny because I always thought it’d be red! I saw some pink and cream tins today that I may have to splurge on for flour etc!

The photo shows just the shelf cover and two lovely bunches of flowers I got from R’s Sisters and family for my birthday!

Speaking of birthday’s I have been greatly remiss and not shown you the gorgeous, beautiful, amazing, elegant necklace R. got me for my birthday last week!

He really is a wonderful man with a wonderful family, exceptionally good taste and a beautiful heart and he does put up with more than a few hang-ups, tears and insecurities on my behalf.

Now here are a few things I’m loving;

  1. The little birds at http://littlebirds.typepad.com oh. my. goodness! the log sets are completely adorable!
  2. Being busy at work, while it is impacting my crafty endeavours, I had nothing to do in the last few months of my old job and I was going insane! now while i may have more than a few internal moments of Oh god it’s all too much for me, I really am loving the challenge.
  3. Having four opp shops within lunchtime walking distance of my new work, much cheaper than book shops and fabric shops even if I’m not game to venture into the clothes yet.
  4. Inspired by the very clever people at Wardrobe Refashion I joined the melbourne chapter and am very much looking forward to meeting up with other like minded crafty girls!
  5. I Autumn-cleaned on the weekend and in honour of this momentous achievement here is an animated gif of my work!

Storage animation

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It’s nearly 37 degrees outside~!

Inspiration? like I need more things to make!

Craftzine has offered up some real gems this week.

mooThings to do today…

  • Mount about a half a dozen hooks in the wall
  • Install an inspiration wire a la port2port and swiss miss
  • Sew up the bright blue poly pop into curtains for the studio Done!
  • finish the moo that is too the left, yes that pen on felt, I’m drafting out facial expressions, and yes it has pins in it, I haven’t sewn it up yet!
  • Buy some ‘L’ hooks and finish my tool board.
  • Hang my tim biskup prints
  • Mop the kitchen floor (ugh!)

It’s been a hell of a week.

In terms of non-craft/art endeavours I quit my job and got a new one, the old boss is well, quite possibly a soiopath, the new work place are wonderful happy clouds of love. And there is a dog named jack.

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Happy St Pat’s Day!

So the blanket I mentioned previously has been started. R. is a little put out that it has ‘holes’ in it (I adjusted the pattern to chain one, treble one) and taking this into account and the fact i have to make it a zillion feet long to cover his long legs, I am tagging it R’s toe warmer.

Only another 5 and 3 quarter feet to go! It’s a real stash buster of a project although I wont be surprised it I run out of stash about halfway through!

pleated jordy bag

The bag you see here to the left I created almost two years ago, I also made a tutorial on craftster and I today realised the images had broken so I thought I’d freshen it up and add it here! It’s got it’s own page here ; Pleated Jordy Bag Tutorial

The studio is now clean, it needs decorations though! Most people’s studios I’ve been looking at for inspiration have colour because all their fabric is on display but I share the studio with the living area the fabric and other accoutrements are in another room (which is too dark to have the work areas), so the room is currently a bit beige. R. and I bought a nice chinese paper lamp (seen in the background above) but it dimmed the light too much so it will get to hang else where as decoration but not in it’s original purpose.

ikeaboardI’ve got a pin board full of things I plan to buy from Ikea to aid in the organisation of the other room and the prettifying of this one once I get a few paycheques from the new improved job!

Let’s Finish with some things I am Loving this weekend!

  • Betz has a gorgeous tutorial for felt Rabbits! (I so want a clover felting tool)
  • Craft Apple makes the most adorable pincushions in tiny bowls! (I want to try to findsome little teacups and try this!)
  • And last but not least I love that R. Hijacked my blog isn’t he sweet, I promise the cleaning will only last about oh five minutes – even if you did say if I kept it clean for two weeks you’d take me to Rockpool!

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