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Well it’s been a hectic few weeks, working on prints for exchanges, making christmas presents, doing pottery and tai chi, christmas parties and oh yeah, working!

New Printing pressThe ever talented R. has built me a press based on Charles Morgan’s design I have to say based on because R. is an engineer and as such, engineering has happened.

Click the photos in this post for bigger images because I think there might be a few!

So far I have printed a lino cut and a drypoint with it. There is fine tuning in the printing process to be done but they are certainly getting there! In the image of the drypoint you can see the inked plate and the print (the print being the lighter one).I think my paper was a bit too damp still.

For christmas presenst this year I made a gingko screen print and made a journal and bags for R’s sisters. I was thinking the journals might work on etsy any thoughts?

Anyway iIm going to dash off, I’ll be back with some art goals later!

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pincushion So here is my very firts foray into the Pincushion Challenge It’s for the eats topic and it’s the standard shape pincushion with chain stitch embroidered fruit. The fruit was inspired by a pattern from an old craft book I found while thrifting a few weeks ago. Please ignore my handstitching.

Funnily enough while I was halfway through this cushion R. looks over at what I’m doing and says “You should make a pincushion.” Now Sometimes I just can’t tell if he’s being funny or he’s making a softly worded comment about the pins that seem to live in the arm of my chairs. Oh well.

Also I had one of those, oh god I need to make this now moments after thinking I need something flat and largeish to carry a sketchbook to life drawing while riding my bicycle. So I made this over the shoulder back pack style thing out of a pillow case. It is made from a thrifted pillowcase has and some curtain lining as lining, which makes it nice and solid, it holds an A3 sketchbook both ways. Now I need to make a pencil roll out of the leftover material.sketchbook bag

Things I love

  • Seamstress at Couture details has made her own version of the smocked Bottega veneta dress, Wow is the only appropriate term here.
  • Blairpeter – very cute sewing.
  • Tiny happy makes very beautiful baby items

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