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fat rabbitSince easter is only a week away I thought I’d give something back to blogland and give away the pattern for my fat rabbit for free!

Now a few years back I was selling this pattern, but I’m working on a whole new menagerie of patterns and I’d like to give this one to you. Fat rabbit pattern click here to download Now if you do take it I’d love you to leave a comment so I can stop buy and see what you come up with!

pouch diary

The new job is going well, to celebrate I made myself a document pouch and cover for my diary. now I really had more creative plans for this but I wanted to test out the theory first then maybe I’ll branch out into more intricate lines.

R’s Toe warmer is not going well, I’ve hardly touched it all week! I’ve had some very lazy evenings just reading trash novels to empty my brain of the days information.

5 quick things I love

  1.  The fact R. is taking me to The press club for my birthday on Monday.
  2. Getting Thank You emails form my bosses instead of abuse.
  3. Inside a black apple part of me has to have the black apple action figure.
  4. This little pendant
  5. The fact that my office is secretly sneakily trying to organise drinks tomorrow to welcome me without me realising.

That’s all folks. Hope you like the pattern and have a great weekend!

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Happy St Pat’s Day!

So the blanket I mentioned previously has been started. R. is a little put out that it has ‘holes’ in it (I adjusted the pattern to chain one, treble one) and taking this into account and the fact i have to make it a zillion feet long to cover his long legs, I am tagging it R’s toe warmer.

Only another 5 and 3 quarter feet to go! It’s a real stash buster of a project although I wont be surprised it I run out of stash about halfway through!

pleated jordy bag

The bag you see here to the left I created almost two years ago, I also made a tutorial on craftster and I today realised the images had broken so I thought I’d freshen it up and add it here! It’s got it’s own page here ; Pleated Jordy Bag Tutorial

The studio is now clean, it needs decorations though! Most people’s studios I’ve been looking at for inspiration have colour because all their fabric is on display but I share the studio with the living area the fabric and other accoutrements are in another room (which is too dark to have the work areas), so the room is currently a bit beige. R. and I bought a nice chinese paper lamp (seen in the background above) but it dimmed the light too much so it will get to hang else where as decoration but not in it’s original purpose.

ikeaboardI’ve got a pin board full of things I plan to buy from Ikea to aid in the organisation of the other room and the prettifying of this one once I get a few paycheques from the new improved job!

Let’s Finish with some things I am Loving this weekend!

  • Betz has a gorgeous tutorial for felt Rabbits! (I so want a clover felting tool)
  • Craft Apple makes the most adorable pincushions in tiny bowls! (I want to try to findsome little teacups and try this!)
  • And last but not least I love that R. Hijacked my blog isn’t he sweet, I promise the cleaning will only last about oh five minutes – even if you did say if I kept it clean for two weeks you’d take me to Rockpool!

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