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So last weekend we were part of Craft victoria’s Craft Hatch market at the State library of Victoria. It was a quiet day but still a successful out for for our first day out as Gresswell Forest Bears. We shared the stall with our good friends Odd One Out.

Norbert waiting for his new mum!

Artie and Norbert found new homes, we hope their new mums get in touch! We also launched our first pattern kit! it will be available from the website in the next few days.

Speaking of patterns we are offering a FREE PATTERN from our archives to people who subscribe to our  mailing list. I promise not to spam your inboxes or share your info. I’ll be sharing when new bears are on offer with the mailing list before anyone else!  So simply sign up and 24 hours later your pattern will be in your inbox.

There are a lot of exciting things happening down here in the forest! We’ll be sharing more with you in the coming weeks.

I hope you have a wonderful St Patrick’s Day


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Meet Artie

Artie is 14 inches of attitude, this very furry bunny can’t wait to lounge around at your place.

Artie likes to takes it easy and his loose cotter pin joints lend themselves to him sitting around or even sprawling amongst your other bears.

Artie is named after Artie Kovacs who was one of the saviors of Gresswell Forest.

Long synthetic fur makes Artie incredibly fun to squish and his scissor sculpted face and pulled toes are finished with shading and further needle sculpting.

Artie is an artist bear friend which means he is not suitable for young children even though he is finished with safety eyes we feel it’s best if he is saved for children 7 & up.

To adopt Artie please visit us at Craft Victoria’s Craft Hatch market at the State library of Victoria on the 12th March 2011.

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