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When I woke up this morning I was lying in bed thinking about how to coalesce my desires for the coming year into a single word. Completion came to me as I lay there and I initially discounted it and too negative and foreboding of endings. Then  was reading Lisa Call’s Studio Newsletter and there was the word staring up at me, highlighted as a link and all! (I just realised I never clicked the link – check it out here)

Then I was checking my facebook page and there was the word again in a link from GTD Guru David Allen.

In my experience the universe gets annoyed when you don’t pay attention to it so this is me listening to the cosmos.

My fear of this word is twofold; I have completion hooked up with endings in my head and I  don’t want endings in my life, I want the completion to lead into new challenges and new levels of my journey.

The other fear is the fear that when something is done I will look back on it and be unhappy. My work is currently all snippets of art, 1 leaf in a sketchbook, 1 sketchbook on etsy,  I don’t create to completion.

So one of my first implementations of the word will be to go through all the UFO’s (unfinished objects) in the studio and determine whether to discard or complete them.

I would like to work on a larger scale than my sketchbooks creating pieces of art that stand alone and are suitable to hang, gift or perhaps even enter in a competition!

I would like to promote my sketchbooks to other artists. I have a feeling etsy may not be the best way to do this as I think quality work may just get lost in the crush.  I’ll need to work out a plan of how to effectively promote the book side of things without taking away from the at side of things.

Living this word in 2010 would see me posting wip’s and finished work to my blog and flickr. It would also see me tidying up some unfinished things around the house such as ebaying off some unwanted items, sorting the spare room, cataloging my seed collection, finding a new accountant.

The Big dream art goal for this year would be 50 pieces of art.

The Blog goal is 52 Weekly reviews.

The CED2010 goal is to be creative EVERY day! Not to get sucked in by my major procrastination methods of internet & tidying up.

Well it’s Day 1 of January 2010 here in the southern hemisphere ASO i’d better go get started!

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Welcome to 2009

Good Morning my friends!

Well the skies may be grey here in Melbourne on the first day of 2009 but new years eve was clear and crisp and cleared our heads for the intentions we have for ourselves for 2009.

I returned from our break down the beach revitalised and inspired and reading the posts of my fellow bloggers about their intentions for 2009 has further inspired me to document and share mine with you.

2009’s Theme Word

Leah posted her word for the year and linked to the idea from Christine Kane. Instead of resolutions choose a word or words that will inspire you for the next 12 months.

My word for 2009 is CREATE here are some of the ways I am hoping to manifest this;

  • Create a community and network of  wonderful friends.
  • Create a business.
  • Create a home with my beloved R.
  • Create a healthier me through new life practises.
  • Create Every Day!

I could of course drill these down to specific tasks but for today I’m going to keep them in big picture status. Keep an eye out over the next few months as I detail the ways I am manifesting my intentions.

Roz’s Ritual

Now I’m sure you all know that I am a fan of Roz Stendahl, her no nonsense approach to art and journaling is an inspiration and her tips and advice about art supplies are extremely valuable.

Yesterday Roz posted about a ritual that she follows every New years day. Based on a discussion with a friend Roz endeavours to do a little bit of everything she loves on New years day with the hope that she will be able to maintain the presence of those things in her life through out the year.

I’m going to expand on that a little and do not only the things I love but the things I intend for my year as well.

What’s your ritual?

So what’s your ritual for the new year? How does your day unfold? do you journal your resolutions and intentions or do you meditate and set the past year free? I’d love to hear how you bring in the new year so please leave me a comment and let our community know how you are intending to bring in the new year.

Have a great 2009! Talk to you all tomorrow!


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