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A few hours into this one

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Life drawing 4 feb 2010

Life drawing 4 feb 2010

Life drawing 4 feb 2010

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Face on the train 18 Jan

Face on the train 20 Jan

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I briefly touched on art goals for 2010 in my last post but I thought perhaps i should jot down to some specific targets I’d like to hit this year.

Since I purchased James Gurney’s Imaginative Realism, I have rekindled my fascination with the fantastic. I realise that one of my limitations in pursuing this style of art is my skills in the figure and anatomy. So the first set of goals relate to this style of art.

1. Complete Drawing the human figure DVD course.

2. Find a life drawing course close to home. There is one in Eltham that I am waiting for information on.

Then I’d like to translate some of the characters from my imagination, and perhaps some descriptions from my favourite fantasy authors into illustrations. I know the industry trend is to work digitally but I’d like to stay with traditional materials.

From there I’d like to turn those illustrations into completed  sculptures, although if I am using James gurney’s recommendations I may produce basic maquettes in between.

I know I have a lot to learn about character creation before I reach this stage so it will probably be a long process to get to this point.

I’d also like to explore the traditional coloured pencil  topics of still life and botanical art (as opposed to illustration – not so much about detail 🙂 )

So the next of my goals is;

3. Complete 50 pieces of art this year. I’m not restricting my self by genre, medium or size, indeed the only restriction is that it’s frameable, and not part of a sketchbook.

So there you are, only three specific art goals for the year. I’ll let you know in a week how I’m going.

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Well It may have been quiet around these her blog parts, but my household has been a hive of activity.

Clicking the above image will take you to my flickr photos tagged with AEDM, of course I have been Creating a lot more than just these sketches.

This month i have…

  • taught a bookbinding class and written the class materials!
  • had three pottery classes where R. and I are trying to get things finished for christmas gifts.
  • had a mini sketchcrawl with the group.
  • Design a calendar for a Brisbane real estate agent,
  • played with some hand lettering – thanks to Roz for the inspiration, nothing to share yet, just playing.
  • Cleaned my kitchen cupboards out with R’s help (those of you who know me know that this requires herculean effort!)

It’s been a bit of a stressful time at work with the economic downturn, we have had some downsizing which I have been so far unaffected by except for losing an assistant. In these times you have to have your outlets and give them the respect they deserve and not turn to the tv for distraction.

So it’s a big Hurray! from me to Leah for encouraging us to create Art Every Day and reminding us to turn away fromt he box for a little while.

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Day at the farm

Warm up Goat

Warm up sketchs of a slightly dissagreable goat.

Page pre-prepared with acrylics
Mother Pig

This very tired looking mother pig had 6 little piglets, surrounded as I was by a gaggle of children I was only able to capture the mother before the piglets were disturbed from their rest by celery.
Page pre-prepared with acrylics
Another pig

Another pig the next stall over, the pink was already on the page when i got to it, but in reality it was a black and white pig.

Page pre-prepared with acrylics
Curly Sheep

An extremly curly sheep, this is pen and painted with a pallette made from my caran d’ache water soluble crayons. The surface was preprepared with AS Colourfix primer for mixed media.
Indian runner

perspective on this little duckie was tricky as he kept turning his head to look at me and the people around me!

a lovely little kid goat, as opposed to the little terrors of human ‘kids’ at the farm.

While drawing this i got nibbled on by an adolescent goat.
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