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As part of the Great Planner Plan of 2013 I decided to create a little calendar for you all to download and use. It’s all hand-stamped (yes with my stamps!), hand-drawn and hand-lettered so it’s a little lo-fi, a little cottage and I hope you like it.

All of these are A4 paper size but I believe that it will work for letter just as well!

Here’s a link to the PDF – Jan_calendar.pdf

And a JPG Version –

Jan_calendar(click the thumbnail)



And here are some decals you can print onto sticker backed paper (or just use glue) and use with your calendar!

Jan_calendar_decals(click thumbnail for full image)




My 2013 planner is well underway, January is all stamped and in use, I have carved days of the week in French and English. And have 31 date stamps! I’ll share an update on the planner in the next post!

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Chantillysongs Blog hop

I haven’t promoted this blog in a very long time and there is just such a wonderful community out there right now that I would be mad to miss this opportunity!  Chantilly, Charlie Foxtrot, this enchanted pixie & Myki’s Scrapbook blog are hosting a bl0g hop, so I will have many more blogs to add to my wonderful reading list!

Added Bonus!

To celebrate 150 posts on my blog I’m going to have a little give away!

If you follow or subscribe to my blog before midnight Christmas eve ( Australian Eastern Standard time) you will go into the draw for a mystery set of hand carved Stamps by me!


Competition is open to readers anywhere in the world.

How to enter:

1. Follow My Blog via email or subscribe in your favourite rss reader.
2. Leave a comment letting me know you have done this! make sure you leave some way for me to get in touch with you!

3. do this before midnight 24 December 2012 AEST time.

4. enjoy christmas day

5. prize will be drawn Boxing day (26 December 2012) via random number generator

1 entry per person. open internationally. prize is 1 set of handmade stamps created by moi! design at the discretion of moi!


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While I don’t think I could go so far as to carve a stamp a day like Gertie Jacquet I do love my stamp carving lately. I’ve been so inspired by my visits to Petit Morpho in Hong Kong, crazy chinese talent and amazing french talent like La fabutinuese and of course so many others on my pinterest carving board!  They all produce such clean work in such amazing detail. It’s really inspired me to lift my game.

I’ve posted a lot of the results here and on my instagram I’ve just begun putting some more effort into the way I package these up before I send them out.

Here is a small set I created for a Swap-bot tag;

And here is my favourite set I’ve carved to date. Hoot the Owl.

That one is for a penpal christmas gift swap. I really love how he turned out and I’m going to carve my own set for personal use.

Of all the crazy things to do I’ve decided to create my own diary/day planner for next year. Nothing I’ve seen seems to meet my needs and I’m craving something more creative layout wise. I’ve decided to use the Invite.l Magazine Editorial Notebook as my base I adore the look of their moodboard images but haven’t been able to do them justice so it has languished in the shelf of notebooks-that-are-too-nice-to-use. I’ve begun carving Day of the week stamps (Monday, Tuesday etc) I think I’ll mix it up and also carve a set in French and a set in Italian for a bit of fun. Then of course I’ve love to carve 1 – 31 I know I hear you saying but 0-9 will cover everything! I really want to have the double digits be cohesive designs instead of numbers plonked next to each other.

So here’s my planner stamp  to-do list:
Days of the week (english) (7)
Days of the week (french) (7)
Days of the week (italian) (7)
Dates (31)
Months (12)

That’s 63 stamps!! Eeep! I’ve carved 1 so far!!!
Wish me luck!

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, originally uploaded by jen_fripperee.

Airmail envelope created with my very own hand carved stamps.

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