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Memories are films about ghosts...

Today the Counting crows and I ventured out into the forest in search of some magical fungi. I was on the hunt for ingredients for something special to cook up at Samhain. I wove my way though the hills and back-roads, stopping at springs and falls. Following wombat trails and paths overgrown with Raspberry and Hawthorn until I found my prize.

I washed my cares away in the cool, crisp spring water and thanked the spirits for the quiet day that let me have this special place all to myself. I spoke to the birds and listened to their song then collected Willow and Oak for charms and amulets.

Offerings were left for the spirits of place, bark and mushroom and once I was done I feasted on meat and cheese and herbal tea.

The days ahead are filled with tasks, offerings and ritual. A solar-eclipse, two days before Samhain? Watch for spirits to cross early, I think I hear them knocking already.

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