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Thank you everyone for your entries – The competition is now closed   – the Winner was Sherrie!

Another chance to win a Handmade Sketchbook.

I have received so many wonderful Comments on yesterday’s post – it’s so great to hear everyone’s likes, dislikes and wishes for the perfect sketchbook.

In fact, the responses have been so good that I decided to give everyone an extra chance to win!

All you have to do is mention my competition in a post on your blog and link to my blog or  tweet about my competition on to your artist friends on twitter. If you mention my blog on your blog leave a link within a comment below and if you tweet send an @ message to janicemarie

Bindery Progress

Well last night I began sewing and have three book blocks completed, I wanted to take a photo but I left my camera cable at work… The style of binding for these first books is sewn onto tapes. I find linen tape to be a durable but flexible Lay flat style of binding. And from your comment you all want your books to lay flat. I’m with you there I really can’t work in spiral books anymore!

I also went and stocked up on some different colours of book cloth. More of the linen look above plus some sky blue, very very pale mint green, and a royal blue. Of course I’m stocked up on basic black and I have metres of burgundy from a previous project!

Off to pottery class tonight so I will talk to you all again tomorrow!



PS: If you haven’t already entered here’s the link to the competion post again

PPS. Don’t forget you can follow this blog by adding my rss feed to your reader. It’s a great way to stay tuned for more competitions.

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The bare essentials

I carry some kind of sketch kit with me nearly at all times.
This is the bare essentials kit;
Sketchbook: in this case a small moleskine
Staedtler pigment liner 0.05
and a pallete made from scribbling my caran d’ache water soluble crayons onto some sheer heaven.
Travel kit mark 2

The larger type kit that comes with my when i intend to draw.
Sketchbook: one i made myself shown here
Travel paint kit: goache pans in a vintage tobacco tin
Pens: in my fantastic stand up pencil case i carry a variety of drawing implements and water brushes.
All my tins of paint

I’m a little obsessive about creating travel kits.
Pens & Wate Brushes

While i’m showing my obsessive side, here are my water brushes and my current crop of pens.

and again, pencils, for line, not colour
other tools

battery operated eraser, normal eraser, pen eraser, glue stick, long point sharperner, rulers,

The current in use sketchbooks
top to bottom
handmade by me magnani sketchbook
unaltered moleskine for notes
Watercolor moleskine,
altered moleskine for day to day
hand made recycled watercolour sketcbook (me again)
handmade leather cover watercolor sketchbook (yep, me!)
hahnnemuille square sketchbook
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