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Sketches from the moleskines

Artichokes and my favourite cafe

some value sketches of baby artichokes and sugar, salt and pepper vessels at mynlokal cafe
melbourne at night

a quick sketch while waiting for a tram on collins st. trying to capture the night.
faces on the tram

faces on the tram 2


a painting of the baby artichoke

painting from life drawing

a head sketch from life drawing
east melbourne

Some sketches of East melbourne,
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Day at the farm

Warm up Goat

Warm up sketchs of a slightly dissagreable goat.

Page pre-prepared with acrylics
Mother Pig

This very tired looking mother pig had 6 little piglets, surrounded as I was by a gaggle of children I was only able to capture the mother before the piglets were disturbed from their rest by celery.
Page pre-prepared with acrylics
Another pig

Another pig the next stall over, the pink was already on the page when i got to it, but in reality it was a black and white pig.

Page pre-prepared with acrylics
Curly Sheep

An extremly curly sheep, this is pen and painted with a pallette made from my caran d’ache water soluble crayons. The surface was preprepared with AS Colourfix primer for mixed media.
Indian runner

perspective on this little duckie was tricky as he kept turning his head to look at me and the people around me!

a lovely little kid goat, as opposed to the little terrors of human ‘kids’ at the farm.

While drawing this i got nibbled on by an adolescent goat.
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