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Sunny Hobart

I’d love to share a recipe with you today but I’m currently stuck in Hobart airport waiting on my tiger flight which is one and a half hours late.

We visited sunny Hobart for a friend’s wedding at their gorgeous property in the Huon valley. After a short service we picnicked in the sun. Ok we all got a little too much sun and will be sorry tomorrow.

The groom’s father (an ex army cook) prepared a spit roast of lamb, chicken, turkey and beef and a cavalcade of helpers kept us supplied with salads and drinks.

It was beautiful day for two beautiful people.

That said I can’t wait to get on this plane and get home.

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marinated fettaWell it’s Melbourne cup day here in Australia, which is the (horse) race that stops a nation. People don elaborate headgear and gather for parties and picnics. One of my favourite party nibbles is Luke Mangan’s Persian Fetta Tarts, but persian fetta is expensive. So before I share my version of Luke’s recipe in the coming days let me share with you how to make your own marinated fetta.

Creaminess to the 10th degree with flavours of juniper, bay, thyme and garlic, marinated fetta has a little bit of the Mediterranean in each mouthful.

Unfortunately in Australia it comes at a cost, between $6 and $12 for 150 -200grams! It doesn’t have to be this way! People of Australia you can make your own marinated fetta in minutes at a fraction of the cost!
Marinated Fetta
What you’ll need;
150 – 200 grams of fetta (Smooth creamy styles work best – I’m partial to South Cape Tasmanian)
1 or 2 dried bay leaves
1 clove of garlic
4-6 sprigs of fresh thyme (I like to use a mix of normal thyme and lemon thyme)
6 black peppercons
6 driedJuniper Berries (Essential ingredient stores around Australia stock Juniper berries)
Canola oil to cover (You can substitute another oil here just don’t use olive oil or anything else that solidifies in the fridge)
Airtight container big enough to hold everything
How to do it;
1. Wash & dry your container in hot water and detergent.
2. Cut the fetta into cubes no smaller than 2cm x 2cm x 2cm
3. Place the garlic in the bottom of your container then layer in the fetta, bay leaves, thyme, juniper berries & peppercorns.
4. Slowly fill container with oil until all fetta is under the level of the oil.
5. Refrigerate for at least 4 days before using.
Fetta will keep in the fridge in covered by oil for quite a long time, it never lasts in our house, but I take the “use by” date from the fetta as my guide. (just mark it on your container)
– Boccocini containers are often a good size for this project.
– Adjust the flavours to suit your tastes but be careful with the garlic, a little goes a LONG way!!
– Delicious served with a drizzle of rocket pesto on crostini
– Use left over oil to brush over vegetables or meat for chargilling.
– Why not find some pretty jars and give as a lovely homemade hostess gift?

I hope you enjoy my marinated fetta, let me know what your favourite uses for marinated fetta are!

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One month ago today Robert and I returned from a visit to Europe where I was entranced by the many techniques of French pattiserie.
Many of these techniques require patience and skill, something I’m not generally known for in my cooking. You want tasty food? Can do, that’s right up my alley, however if you want pretty then I generally rely on Robert’s attention to detail and steady hand to take over the reigns.
So I came back determined to learn the skills needed to create the masterpieces I saw at Pierre Herme, Laduree and Fauchon.
That is not to say this blog will only be about sweet things and complicated desserts. In fact I’ll be starting out with things I know, things like chocolate cake, cotolette & marinated fetta. I want to share with you images our vegetable and herb gardens, our family gatherings and my adventures in learning how to take photos of food.
There’s nothing like diving in the deep end, so as our literary inclined friends begin NaNoWriMo I’ll begin a 30in30 for NaBloPoMo. I know I’m insane, 1 post a day, for 30 days with a blog that hasn’t yet decided if it’s chocolate or vanilla!
I hope you’ll join me on this insane journey, I’d love to catch up with you on twitter as well, just look for me at www.twitter.com/petitdelice
One last thing before I go, can you help my blog make up it’s mind; Chocolate or vanilla?

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