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The Studio clean up

Studio before – untidy

My Studio often becomes quite a disaster area. Partially because it is the first room you enter, partially because it’s just not that inviting so i tend to drag most of what ‘m working on into the lounge where there is better natural light and the company of the computer and the tv.
Studio After – Tidy

As you can see, when it is tidy it’s a much more inviting space
R. Put up great shelves to hold a lot of my bits and peices that I like to have handy.
Studio Before – Untidy 2

my other corner, all buried in things
Studio After- Tidy

Now you can actually see me printing Press that R made me. My tool board, they live on top of the sewing machine cabinet, the trolley next to the press with scrap paper, printmaking supplies and more bits and peices.
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