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I’m the distractable type, I’m the first to admit it. I like trying new things and techniques with art.  I fiddle, I faddle, and i have fun.

And sometimes, i think that maybe there should be something more.

Recently I’ve signed up for a few swaps and  begun organising the local sketchcrawl. I’m a good organiser, after all it’s what i do for a living, and I enjoy it. Being involved in these things has put me in touch with a lot of people who DO things with their art.

If I’m going to do something i need to focus on what I am good at. My most marketable skill is definitly bookbinding, and i love makeing books that people want to use. I’d like to push this kind of thing towards the art side of things and so i’d like to combine bookbinding with sketching to create small limited edition art books.

Lisa Call inspired me to put my goals down, not as big amorphous intangible things, but as short “sprints” that I can acheive in a month, using the scrum methiod to breakdown my goals into tasks and move forward.

So tonight I’ve cleaned my studio,  and sat down to think about these goals and the tasks I need to perform to move forward.

I hope you all stay tuned to see what eventuates.

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