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Well it’s been a hectic few weeks, working on prints for exchanges, making christmas presents, doing pottery and tai chi, christmas parties and oh yeah, working!

New Printing pressThe ever talented R. has built me a press based on Charles Morgan’s design I have to say based on because R. is an engineer and as such, engineering has happened.

Click the photos in this post for bigger images because I think there might be a few!

So far I have printed a lino cut and a drypoint with it. There is fine tuning in the printing process to be done but they are certainly getting there! In the image of the drypoint you can see the inked plate and the print (the print being the lighter one).I think my paper was a bit too damp still.

For christmas presenst this year I made a gingko screen print and made a journal and bags for R’s sisters. I was thinking the journals might work on etsy any thoughts?

Anyway iIm going to dash off, I’ll be back with some art goals later!

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Aren’t I lucky!

Meet the fishes.

They don’t have names yet but this photo is the best I have so far of the three of them.

And below is the one who is hiding in the back of the first photo. Now if only they’ll stop hiding from me, I suppose that will happen after they realise I’m the one who feeds them.

Now while i’m of course lucky because i have three new companions I’m also lucky because in the last few weeks I’ve won hundred post give-aways from Justine at 62 cherry and megan at scent of water!

Now I’m not really a huge fan of meme’s but I do love my music collection and Justine’s meme just happened to hit the right note!

List 5 songs that are guaranteed to make you “speed in your car, dance in your seat, and sing out loud!”.

1. Whippin’ Piccadilly – Gomez. I love Gomez, i know they’ve been debated around the music scene as embarrasing college rock but I have more than a soft spot for these crazy gents.

2. Back in Black – AC DC. Some would say my outback Queensland roots are showing but it’s actually a more embarrassing connection. Yes, it’s true, I’d sell my soul to sleep with a Winchester.

3. Dakota – The Stereophonics. Now i love old Stereophonics but this song is definitely a driving song, and since i don’t drive it even works on my bike!

4. Hotel Yorba – The White Stripes. Foot stampin’ hand clappin, hollerin good song. Just ask R. he’s often seen shaking his head as I rock out to this song.

5. Whorehoppin (Shit, Goddamn) – Queens of the stone age. Just a supercool song that makes me very happy.

I’ve had a little success at the o-shops lately, mainly of the pretty pillowcase variety but here’s a picture of a bowl and plate I picked up. they are basically a made in china copy of some Bison stuff from a few years ago. But since the kitchen is decorated with pink I thought the pink fruit/salad bowl and blue plate were a fun addition. the tablecloth is another op-shop find and it seems to be someone’s hand cross stitch!

In the background you can see another reason why I’m lucky; Beautiful Dahlia’s that R. brought for me.

I had a terrible failure while turning one of R’s excellent photos into a book cover today, it just turned out bleh! The photo looked great but the execution of the book was awful and definitley not up to my usual standards.

I’d like to try to get some things out for tie one on, whip up and the pincushion challenge but inspiration seems to desert me in the evenings, I just don’t like the sun going down so early I think!

Have a great end to your week!

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Jen is currently cleaning her studio. Right now she is buried under a pile of tangled wool.

But cleaning?  I don’t understand. Can those aliens return the real Jen?


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