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, originally uploaded by jen_fripperee.

Airmail envelope created with my very own hand carved stamps.

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Well It may have been quiet around these her blog parts, but my household has been a hive of activity.

Clicking the above image will take you to my flickr photos tagged with AEDM, of course I have been Creating a lot more than just these sketches.

This month i have…

  • taught a bookbinding class and written the class materials!
  • had three pottery classes where R. and I are trying to get things finished for christmas gifts.
  • had a mini sketchcrawl with the group.
  • Design a calendar for a Brisbane real estate agent,
  • played with some hand lettering – thanks to Roz for the inspiration, nothing to share yet, just playing.
  • Cleaned my kitchen cupboards out with R’s help (those of you who know me know that this requires herculean effort!)

It’s been a bit of a stressful time at work with the economic downturn, we have had some downsizing which I have been so far unaffected by except for losing an assistant. In these times you have to have your outlets and give them the respect they deserve and not turn to the tv for distraction.

So it’s a big Hurray! from me to Leah for encouraging us to create Art Every Day and reminding us to turn away fromt he box for a little while.

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SSNW Final Print

Well here is a view of my studio during the printing of the edition for SSNW. Did I mention how awesome my press that R. built is?

As I mentioned before I have done my take on the Pandora myth. Poor old Pandora, letting loose the ills of the world, I’ve taken the angle of making the ills quite phallic and leaving Pandora smiling slightly as if this is her own private joke. I’ve not portrayed hope, but left Pandora naked to show that woman is hope.

Ok look it’s a bit art wank to read all those layers in, and I’m not particularly good at that kind of layered meaning, but poor old Pandora was given a bum steer. Seriously given an urn that not mortal could resist opening?

Here is the final pic!

Now on with the rats for the baren exchange- gosh there is 60 of those~!

I’d better get to it!

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SSNW Design

Well here is my initial design for the SSNW print exchange. (click for larger image) I’m not sure if there is one too many snakes on the urn, I’m thinking the thin kris-cross guy should come off.

It was a slow week at work and we actually spent yesterday on the boss’s boat which was nice because it’s been forty degrees! I stayed out of the sun and out of the water, I’m not really interested in my co-workers seeing me in swimwear (I’m self conscious enough around my friends!)

I have cut the previous weaving off my loom with the view of retying the warp as a 4 shaft tie up I just have to get up the courage!

Of course this weekend really requires significant printmaking as the SSNW prints should leave me by Wednesday next week to make it to the coordinator by the 1st of February, even then I think I’m cutting it fine.

Hoope you all have a lovely weekend!

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Well it’s been a hectic few weeks, working on prints for exchanges, making christmas presents, doing pottery and tai chi, christmas parties and oh yeah, working!

New Printing pressThe ever talented R. has built me a press based on Charles Morgan’s design I have to say based on because R. is an engineer and as such, engineering has happened.

Click the photos in this post for bigger images because I think there might be a few!

So far I have printed a lino cut and a drypoint with it. There is fine tuning in the printing process to be done but they are certainly getting there! In the image of the drypoint you can see the inked plate and the print (the print being the lighter one).I think my paper was a bit too damp still.

For christmas presenst this year I made a gingko screen print and made a journal and bags for R’s sisters. I was thinking the journals might work on etsy any thoughts?

Anyway iIm going to dash off, I’ll be back with some art goals later!

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catfish print

What have I been up to?

Well truth to tell… not much art wise.

R. and I have ben doing pottery classes (photos to come) and I have been learning tai chi and Ba Gua Zhang with a bit of Kung Fu mixed in. I also brought a lot of furniture and have remodeled my studio. Just chairs left to find and some shelves to put up wit R’s help today.

Above you will see the begining of a new project. An old friend from nervousness got in touch through facebook  and she has been working on etchings, I was inspired by the hands on printmaking process (as opposed to digital) and decided to do some research.

Now I’d love to be doing etchings but the lack of access to a press is a small setback so I did some research on relief printing and came across Andy English’s Blog Very inspiring work, lovely Illustrations and a way of writing that kept me reading back through all the archives.

So I went to Melbourne Etching supplies and stocked up on linoprint materials (yes Andy is a wood engraver but I think I should start with the soft stuff!)  and the result is what you see above and rather chunky looking catfish.

I’ve asked friends to send me their fish to print and am working up illustrations for a series and maybe even a small folio.

Anyway I have to be more strict about my time on the net, I’ve had two weeks with no net thanks to crappy dodo and  realised just how much I can achieve when I’m not just browsing!

Cioa for now!

New fish print within the next few days!

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