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The bare essentials

I carry some kind of sketch kit with me nearly at all times.
This is the bare essentials kit;
Sketchbook: in this case a small moleskine
Staedtler pigment liner 0.05
and a pallete made from scribbling my caran d’ache water soluble crayons onto some sheer heaven.
Travel kit mark 2

The larger type kit that comes with my when i intend to draw.
Sketchbook: one i made myself shown here
Travel paint kit: goache pans in a vintage tobacco tin
Pens: in my fantastic stand up pencil case i carry a variety of drawing implements and water brushes.
All my tins of paint

I’m a little obsessive about creating travel kits.
Pens & Wate Brushes

While i’m showing my obsessive side, here are my water brushes and my current crop of pens.

and again, pencils, for line, not colour
other tools

battery operated eraser, normal eraser, pen eraser, glue stick, long point sharperner, rulers,

The current in use sketchbooks
top to bottom
handmade by me magnani sketchbook
unaltered moleskine for notes
Watercolor moleskine,
altered moleskine for day to day
hand made recycled watercolour sketcbook (me again)
handmade leather cover watercolor sketchbook (yep, me!)
hahnnemuille square sketchbook
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